Masayuki Sano


Doctor, Business Manager,
Industrial Physician,Forest Medicine Doctor


What inspired me to become a “doctor”

When I was in the third grade of elementary school, I developed an inflammatory disease of the large intestine (a disease in which water cannot be absorbed from the large intestine) and was hospitalized for the entire summer vacation. At that time, I realized the importance of being healthy, not just being healthy. When I was growing up, I became ill, which temporarily stopped my growth, weakened my physical strength, and made me feel deeply indebted to my classmates. Her examination and treatment were very difficult, and I felt that the most important thing was to be healthy after experiencing the great negative impact on her mind and body. I caused a lot of worry to my family, and I actually put a lot of burden on them, such as visiting them. The doctors and nurses in the hospital treated me warmly and kindly.

What to do when you are not sick

After graduating from a local university in Nagoya, I worked as a gastrointestinal surgeon at major hospitals and university hospitals while practicing treatment for the ultimate lifestyle-related disease, cancer. While continuing treatment while being involved in surgery for more than 3,000 patients,
・It is difficult to deal with (treat) after becoming ill.
・Being difficult to eradicate
・The importance of approaching the cause (background of the disease)
・The mind and body are closely related, and it is very important to take care of the mind.
・The basis of treatment is to enhance the autoimmunity and maximize the natural healing power.
I am working to realize such things and practice what to do before I get sick (when I am not sick).


Alma mater/Work history